I have had the privelege of working as a teaching assistant for several courses at Stanford and hope to continue the trend indefinitely.

Stanford University

  • CS 110: Principles of Computer Systems. It was a great honor and privelege to learn from my CS110 co-instructors and students. Below are some testimonials from former students:
    • I generally found Blanca‚Äôs communication style to be clear, organized, and super helpful for learning. I was really quite impressed at her ability to provide off-the-cuff answers during office hours to students that felt like prepared lecture material in caliber.
    • Blanca was super kind and approachable when it came to asking questions during online office hours. I also greatly respect how much patience it probably took her to put together those lab videos.
    • All TAs were incredibly helpful. They were supportive in so, so many ways, whether with the code or just keeping our spirits up, and they went BEYOND above and beyond on multiple occasions to help us. So grateful to have had such a wonderful teaching team.